We are, and always have been, a Michigan-based company. Proud to be Michiganders, we are eager to travel to whatever exotic locale Tim Allen describes in every Pure Michigan® commercial. We are at home just as much in the slower-paced beautiful Upper Peninsula as we are in the “big cities” of the lower half of the state. But being a virtual workforce, we haven’t truly called one area “home” … until now.

enPower has expanded to the West Side

It is with excitement that enPower announces that we have a new (brick and mortar) headquarters, located right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids! Located between the DeVos Performance Hall and the 61st District Court, we are in the midst of all things West Side, and we are loving it! Great food, great entertainment, and, of course, great people.

But, fear not, Central, East and Upper Michiganders – we are still here for you! Unlike traditional companies that move, we aren’t leaving our original home base; we’re just expanding it and shifting where UPS® drops off giant boxes filled with delights such as firewalls and patch cables. When it comes to service, we are where you need us when you need us.

Wait? Isn’t enPower a virtual workforce?

Yes, we are! And our team will continue to work remotely the majority of the time. But as we grow, we want a place for team collaboration. It is time for us to have an office to gather to brainstorm, map out new processes and improvements, conduct internal trainings and meet up for team building activities, with the occasional Nerf® war thrown in for good fun.

Will this impact how enPower provides IT services?

Nope! You’ll still receive the same attentive IT services from our team that you’ve become accustomed to, no matter where you are located. Per our normal practices, when virtual assistance is possible, we find that’s the most efficient way to help with as minimal impact to your business as possible. But when boots on the ground are needed to ensure your company is operating at full technical force, our team is ready to lace up!

Does this change how enPower is reached?

Yes and no. Both our existing phone number (517-913-2700) and our new number (616-320-2420) will connect you to our team. As always, Option 1 will get you straight to Tech Support. And, of course, our emails and website haven’t changed.

What if I want to send enPower flowers?

We do love flowers, but be forewarned there may not always be someone at the office to appreciate them! Remember, we are still mostly virtual. But if you want to send us something big (a plea here from the dogs and cats of enPower to consider a chewy.com shipment) or come to an in-person meeting at our new digs, you’ll use this address:

250 Monroe Avenue, NW
Suite 425
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 320-2420

What if I want to send regular snail mail?

Standard mail, such as payments, tax forms, newsletters and party invitations should continue to be sent to our Lansing-based PO Box:

PO BOX 81008
Lansing, MI 48908

Are other changes on the horizon?

Only those for the good! As enPower continues to grow and evolve, we have many exciting advancements in store for our team and our clients! For example, we are currently in the process of deploying a new remote support toolset to improve management capabilities. Our team has spent months researching, evaluating, and planning for this with the goal of even better technical service to our clients. Like improved tools, establishing a physical office space is just one more step to doing what it takes to be the best, for our clients, and our team.

enPower – building even more engaged communities

Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building engaged communities; that is our Purpose and the mindset with which we work every day. We have spent countless hours in mid-Michigan working with community members, volunteering with incredible organizations, providing education and resources, and just lending a hand whenever one is needed. This is our passion and what drives us.

So it is with great anticipation of new adventures that we say hello to West Michigan and place our roots down in your community. We are excited to expand our brand of engagement, and our company footprint, while continuing to serve with timeliness, precision, and quality.