Welcome from Our Managing Director:

This is ridiculous. There is no reason why this should be so difficult. Are we are missing something obvious?” 

I suddenly found myself mumbling and pacing laps around the conference room…again. My Core Team meeting is about to end in exasperation and frustration. As I scanned the room, I saw my team with arms crossed, leaning back in their chairs bracing themselves for the rant that was about to begin. They had heard it before and knew what was coming. After all, most of our Core Team meetings had been ending the same way. 

With all the shrapnel flying through the air, it was hard to see what was really going on.  Revenue was decreasing, margins disappearing and clients were canceling contracts on a daily basis. And to top it off, I was being barraged by employees bickering about one thing or another and the business partners relentlessly sparring over the minutia to the point where spiraling questions haunted my sleepless nights 

“What is going on?” 

“How can this be happening?” 

“How am I going to fix this?” 

Are we broken beyond repair?”  

Long story short, I did miss the obvious. I had it all wrong. In my previous position as a Director and shareholder of an IT consulting business, it was my responsibility drive revenue through our IT Consulting, Managed Service programs and Data Center services. Yes, I had led my team from the shadows of nothingness to profitable notoriety.  But now I was leading them right off the edge of a cliff.  The market had changed and we had not. Intoxicated by past success, we lost focus. We stopped listening and made it more about us and less about the people and businesses we served. 

From this, I learned some valuable lessons and was reminded how much weight a person’s character has on successfully serving people and businesses. Character is the combination of the principles we hold combined with the experiences of the past plus the apparent randomizations of life. We cannot predict the future, but can make better decisions today based off successes and failures of yesterday. 

enPower Technology Solutions was founded to bring a fresh approach to a highly competitive and complex industry. Learning from our past and staying true to ourselves defines Who We Are. Our Purpose, Our Approach and Our Core Values not only demonstrate who we are today but reveal our true ambitions about who we hope to become tomorrow. It is our motivation to use our talents to serve our community and our clients.  

I appreciate that selecting an outsourced IT partner is both tricky and difficult. Honesty and integrity are precious stones, transparency is elusive, simplicity is mocked and quality of service is subjective. Our team culture is focused on community and client service, while our IT Leadership and IT Management frameworks are forged by years of successes and failures. It is our mission to provide simple, practical technology solutions in a complex world. 

Thank you for taking the time to check us out. We look forward future opportunities to serve you and your business. 

Douglas Horne
Managing Director