Our Purpose: Building Engaged Communities

We used to think technology ruled the world. And in a limited way, maybe it does. Either way, we have learned over the years that our true value is not found within our technical skills, but is in our commitment to building engaged communities. 

Building engaged communities encompasses all types of activities. Some are personal, some are client-focused, some are bigger. Staying true to our purpose starts within our own team and then reaches out to those we serve. As such, we are dedicated to: 

  • Building a corporate culture where the enPower team can grow themselves and have the freedom to explore strengths and passions.
  • Building a practical, functional team within each client business that is focused on providing business value. 
  • Fostering and encouraging commitment to family and personal development within enPower’s team and clients’ businesses.
  • Giving back to local community and charities we love.

As business owners and decision makers, let’s never lose focus that it is people (community) first, business second and technology third.