Be very, very quiet – we’re hunting … Yeti.

Okay, so no, we aren’t really hunting the fabled Himalayan creature, nor do we get to head out into the back country and do some soul searching. But that doesn’t mean the self-analyzation can’t happen. In fact, we pride ourselves on continuously reviewing, analyzing, and challenging our team and our company to be our very best. We think perfection is elusive, much like the Yeti, but that doesn’t mean we will stop looking for it!

As part of our search, once a quarter we dedicate time to focus on how we can better serve our clients and the community. We’ve code named this effort Yeti Hunting.

The Hunt

Normally we like to take off for a long weekend up north, our bags packed with laptops, sticky notes, white board markers, games and a ridiculous amount of food. We settle down with a lot of coffee and a lot of ideas. We brainstorm, challenge each other, test processes and set goals. We also have some fun along the way … kayaking, hiking, playing games and enjoying local cuisine.

Of course, things look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean our priorities have changed. We are here to serve and to do it in the best way possible. And to be the best, we believe we always need to be learning and growing. So that’s what we did – we resumed our Yeti Hunt.

For the first time in a long time, our virtual team got to see each other in 3-D … from a safe distance, of course. Our focus, as always, was improving our service and delivery options, working together to make sure we are understanding and incorporating the business and technology needs of a continuously evolving world.

Sticky notes were used in abundance, ideas were generated and assessed and tasks for the upcoming quarter were mapped out and assigned. We looked at what’s new, what’s improved and what’s shiny and fun. We looked at some hot-topic issues and some that have been flying under the radar. We strategized service improvements and fine-tuned processes.

Naturally we looked at all things technology. But as we thoroughly reviewed a wide variety of technology solutions, we kept in mind that there are many other aspects impacting businesses today and that it is our job to tailor what we do to help you do what you do best.

As always, we also took the time to talk about the things that matter to us. We talked about long-term vision, core values and our commitment to giving back. We batted around ideas for continuing to build engaged communities in this “new normal” and how it is that we can make a difference.

In other words, we talked A LOT. And we listened A LOT. And we made A LOT of progress.

And, while there were no campfire songs, group hugs or trust falls this year, our team cohesion was reinforced by laughter, fun, food and our shared vision.

So, while Fluffy may have missed having us home, and had to make do with re-runs of Guiding Light for entertainment, we know she understands how important it is to us to go Yeti Hunting and how this time away can bring about great things. Thank you Fluffy, and all our clients and partners, for allowing us this time to grow as individuals, as a team and as a company. We are excited for what’s to come!

Have topic suggestions a future Yeti Retreat? Send us an email – we love to hear perspectives from others and will happily follow up with you following our discussions!